Company business concept

  • Customer satisfaction is the maximum of our corporate objectives.
  • Integrity quality service

Group profile

  • Taiwan Kaochen was founded in Mar 1979
  • China Kaochen was founded in Sep 1996
  • China Kaoshuo was founded in Jul 2002
  • China Junda was founded in Jul 2003
  • China Junda(second factory) was founded in 2018
  • Investor:(Samoa)Jiaying Intl Co.,LTD
  • Investment Total:USD$ 10 Million
(Kaochen )Products:
auto parts,such as motor of car's ABS&ESC. automobile seat ventilation precision tensile parts. Automotive wiper motor precision tensile shell, the production of various types of precision tensile parts and precision mold design
auto parts, car audio radiator, LED lamps, motor professional die casting automobile radiator and other related parts


  1. motor housing: riveting assembly, motor shell type etc.
  2. lamination: Auto Parts stator and rotor, home appliance motor core, computer radiator fan core.

Professional production:
Auto Motor parts,Motor parts and other related products.

  • Tel:886-2-26827756
  • E-mail:kcksjd@kaochen-group.com
  • Address:No.27, Ln. 116, Junying St., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 238, Taiwan